Trapeze Train Wreck

Do you knitters ever have a piece that is a train wreck waiting to happen from the beginning? That’s how I feel about Trapeze. First I bought lace weight yarn when the designer suggested that fingering would be better, then I ordered 80 grams of red beads when the designer stated that 40 grams each of two colors were needed, then when I caked the yarn I realized that what had appeared to be red was actually pink, so I shopped for pink beads which I couldn’t find locally so I ordered them. This is a mystery KAL and the first three clues were fine. The piece has an interesting architecture which I like. Then clues 4 and 5 were beaded. At this point, I realized that the beads were a bit over the top for me. I’m not a sparkly person and  don’t mind subtle beading but this piece has way more sparkly beads than I like. And in clue 6 I’m beading about 1800 beads on a ruffle and I’m a big girl who doesn’t really need ruffle where this piece has ruffle. Fortunately it’s not a big ruffle and will probably with all those beads lay pretty flat. The problem is not the pattern. It’s the choices that I made early in the process–the beads and yarn. Thursday while I was stringing 600 beads that couldn’t be applied with a crochet, Debit “ate” the last packet of contrasting beads so the piece is now asleep and waiting for beads to come from Oregon. I’m beginning to feel like I’m knitting a train wreck and, at the very least, am not feeling the love for this piece.

So while I’m waiting for my beads, I cast on Antler Cardigan in Cascade 220. Using US size 6 and 8 needles. This will be my Christmas sweater. I had planned to use another pattern and will discuss the pattern change in my next post.Antler is a bottom-up “seamless” sweater and sleeves are knitted first. Normally I knit the body first but when I thought about it knitting the sleeves first will make the join easier.

I also finished  Ruby the Lovable Huggable Vampire in GnomeAcres Superwash in Witches Brew colorway on US size 5 needles. If you hug her, she won’t bite your neck. She was a fun project and just what I needed after the train wreck.

Since SAFF is coming up in about 10 days, I’m trying not to cast on too many projects. Once I get my beads and finish Trapeze, I’ll probably just work on the Antler Cardigan and start working Christmas stockings in the afternoons after SAFF. I’m planning to work plain vanilla socks and maybe another Wingspan at SAFF.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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