Or So I Thought

Remember last post I commented that I was a bit ahead of schedule on my knitting…or so I thought. Monday evening at knit night my knitting friend who’s participating in the Trapeze KAL with me and I were chatting about the project. It dawned on me that I’d have to “bead” about 1500 beads in the last clue of this piece and that maybe I wasn’t as ahead as I thought. Sure enough, the last clue released last night and I found myself stringing beads.I’ll still use my hook for the beads placed on stitches but some of these beads go on the bar between so stringing seems a better technique.I decided to go with the “rose” beads rather than the silver.I have a full weekend and am approximating 20 hours to finish this piece. Monday I’ll be waking up Evenstar for a second round with it  So Trapeze may not be finished until October 7 as originally planned.Here is a picture of the piece completed through clue 5.

After working on this piece today, I now plan to let it hibernate for the first seven days of October, maybe longer. The beading process is slow going. This is not a piece I can work during the evening due to the lace work.

I’ve almost completed the body of Rosy Cardi. I’m working the ribbing. I haven’t had much time to hang out with my friends in the afternoons this week so am not as far along as I’d hoped. My goal date on this is October 7 but I’m not sure this will happen.

I’ve made a bit of progress on the Simply Riveting Shawl. It is definitely the right choice for the handspun. I’m very pleased with the way this piece shows off the color in the animal which is exactly what I wanted. I will probably at some point start dyeing some of my handspun but wanted these first pieces from Cocoa to reflect Cocoa. The original plan with Cocoa was to spin enough for a sweater but I decided to knit a shawl and a lacy vest instead. I’m now rethinking this and may change back to the sweater.This will necessitate more spinning but that’s okay.

Monday is October 1 and means I’ll be waking up Evenstar for seven days. This pattern and yarn are such joy to work. I’m looking forward to this.

My gift monsters are also not going to be ready on deadline but that’s okay. This was a result of switching the handspun piece and the second monster which uses Halloween yarn and would qualify for Knitabulls‘ Halloween Monster KAL  She and GnomeAcres are hosting a Holiday KAL, and I’ve decided to knit a pair of socks using Candy Cane and the Skew pattern. She also showed her “reworked” Tonks colorway on her podcast last night and a skein of it is on its way along with a skein of Gnomy Night.

Today I received my Elphaba’s Corset (on the right) from Fibernymph and earlier received Transylvania Tramp (on the left) from Unwind Yarn Co. Both are in sparkly yarn and will be shawls.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks. just knits.


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