Little Things

Now that I’ve finished Night at the Gruene, I’m working on some “little” things till the end of September. It’s kind of nice to be working on projects that can be finished in a few days rather than one that takes a few weeks.

My largest current project is Trapeze. I’ve finished Clue 4 and am waiting for the release of Clue 5 on Friday. When I get the new clue, I’ll put aside my other projects and complete Clue 5. (Actually Clue 5 released while I was typing this and I should be able to finish it Friday or Saturday. It’s an i-cord bind off of about 200 stitches. Here’s a picture of completed clues 1 through 4.

While waiting on Clue 5, I’ve worked on the arms and tentacles of George the Giant Squid. These are fiddly so I cast on Marin.

I’m working Marin on size US 5 needles and am using my handspun Corriedale from Rising Meadow Farm. This fiber came from the fleece of Cocoa.I thought the Marin a good pattern for handspun as it’s basic stitches. I hope to finish this piece by October 20.

When in public and when reading, I’m working on the Rosy Cardigan. I’m using an Ann Norling pattern that calls for 3.5 stitches per inch using yarn and needles that give about 6 stitches per inch. I’m using the stitch counts and shaping instructions for a child’s size 6 which will give a chest size approximating a 3 to 6 month size. I’ll use standard center back and sleeve lengths. So far it looks about the right size. I should divide the sleeves and body over the weekend and should know from that whether this will work.

I also want to finish Frances the Charismatic Monster by October 10 so will probably cast her on when George is finished.

The weather here is cooler so I’m itching to work on sweaters again but will wait till October to do so. I’m hosting a “Go-to” Sweater Along at Gate City Yarns. Originally a knitting friend and I were going to knit Mr Greenjeans. I bought Classic Elite Majestic Tweed in Cherry Pie for mine..Classic Elite calls this yarn chunky however it looks and gauges to an aran weight. A couple of days ago the new Knitty was released and I knew that I had to knit Mr Bluejeans. This sweater is a modified version of Mr Greenjeans and better suited to my body shape. I reserved two more skeins of yarn and will be knitting Mr Bluejeans for my “go-to” sweater.

Till next time, no stash enhancements for me, no frogs, no tinks, just knits for all.


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