The bad dream is over

The bad dream that was the Night at the Gruene (pronounced green) is over. I bound off this even after having had to make some changes to decrease chart B to keep the center stitch where it should be. In a way I wish that I’d done this on Chart A but the deed’s done. I also wish I hadn’t told the designer I’d figured it out. Other knitters are also having issues with this pattern so, if you decide to knit it, beware! When knitting the collar I tried the piece on and decided that I would not be happy with the shawl collar so worked 8 rows of broken rib stitch and bound off. I had some issues with the stitch pick up for the “collar” or maybe the designer’s definitions of neck, shoulder and back are different from mine. I did have the correct number of stitches just not divided as in the pattern.I used Acadia by The Fibre Company in Blueberry and Lupine and size 5 US needles. The piece will be blocked later but here’s a picture pre-blocking.

I’m working/beading right along on the second connector of the Trapeze. Again I’ll wait until Friday to post a picture of this.Since the Night at the Gruene is finished, I’ll be working on the Trapeze in the afternoons and monsters in the evening.

Speaking of monsters, I’m working on the arms and tentacles of George the Giant Squid.These are a bit fiddly but I knew that going in so am trying not to whine.When George is finished, I’ll be casting on another monster but am still trying to decide which one.

I queued and prioritized by due date pieces to knit between now and Christmas and the next piece due is a baby sweater to match the Rosy Aviatrix. I’m calling this project the Rosy Cardigan and am using Millamia and size US 3 needles to give a gauge of 5.5 stitches per inch. I’m using Ann Norling Kid’s Top Down Raglan  pattern using the size 6 pattern at 3.5 stitches per inch to approximate an infant size about 3 to 6 months. This pattern is a recipe type pattern and I used standard body measurements to determine how many stitches I needed for the body and then picked the pattern with that number of stitches.This will be the work in public and reading project.

Once I’ve finished clue 4 of Trapeze I’ll be casting on Marin on size US 5 needles and using my handspun from Cocoa the Corriedale.

Till next time, no stash enhancements for me and no frogs, no tinks, just knits for all.


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