Nightmare at the Gruene

Now that I’ve put the Evenstar back to sleep until October, I’m focused on the Blueberry Yum. The real name for this pattern is Night at the Gruene but, at Southpark studio, it’s Nightmare at the Gruene or at least the last few days it has been. First I discovered another design element caused by my sleep knitting.So I’ve now decreed no more “patterned” or lace knitting after 9 pm. Then Saturday night I was winding a ball of Acadia for this project and the yarn exploded on the swift. For non-knitters, this means that the yarn was tangled on the swift and had to be hand wound instead of using ball winder. Fortunately Acadia is only 150 yards per skein. I wasn’t sure whether I caused the explosion or whether the yarn skeined badly. Last  night I wound another and realized that one of the ties didn’t go around all the strands which caused the problem.Monday afternoon I was working the shoulder shaping and realized the pattern has some serious math problems. So I’ve spent some time this evening “fixing” this. Some of the notes on Ravelry indicate that others are having issues with this.After being in a “tizzy” about this for about 10 hours, finally at 2:30 am I sent a PM to the designer requesting help, took a benedryl and read till I dozed off finally about 3:15 am. Since last time I told someone that I had issues with a pattern and a snarky editor told me I didn’t know how to read a pattern, I was most reticent about contacting the designer. (I do note that others have contacted her about this.)

Here are pictures of Evenstar before its return to hibernation. I’ve finished row 12 of chart 2.

I also cast on George the Giant Squid in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Turtle Rodeo colorway using size US 5 needles. I’ve almost finished the body.George is my knit in public project but I’m reading a book from the Amazon cloud reader and am able to knit stockinette/garter stitch while reading.

I’m also working on Trapeze. Clue 3 is a connector that connects two of the trapezoid pieces complete with beads. I’ve decided to wait until clue 4 is released to post picture of this. A couple of things I’m doing differently than the designer suggested are using a crochet hook to bead and using Judy’s Magic Cast-on instead of provisional cast-on.

When I worked Sunday, I picked up my stocking kits and also the Classic Elite Majestic Tweed that I ordered for the Mr Greenjeans sweater along. This yarn is incredibly soft and a dream to work with.

Till next time, no stash enhancement for me and no frogs, no tinks, just knits for all.


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