All Laced Up

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been all week, I’m all laced up! At the moment I basically have three lace projects going…Blueberry Yum, Evenstar and Trapeze. This is not something I would normally do but the Yum is a fan and feather lace and has enough stockinette that I’m not knitting lace late at night. Also the Trapeze has up till this point been small and pretty much stockinette and increases which makes it a good work-in-public project. The Evenstar–well, it’s all dressed up with nowhere to go and is definitely lace (single that is which is all I knit),

I’ll start with my Evenstar progress report. I divided my 10000 stitch per month goal by 7 to determine the number of stitches to work per day. Originally thinking this would take about 20 hours over the seven day period. I’m maintaining but just barely.The Evenstar stitch and knit 4 together were time consuming and slowed the process. I’ve completed chart 1 and 7 rows of chart 2 which is mostly yarnovers with decreases until the last few rows. These rows work faster and I was about to work 2 260-stitch rows per hour. This pattern is wonderfully written and very easy to follow. The charts are “large print” and easy to use. I am using hard  copies instead of electronic on this one. I will work through row 12 of chart 2 before putting this piece back to sleep until October 1. I’m enjoying working it so much that I gave some thought to continuing it but decided that this would interfere with some “deadline” knitting that’s in the queue for the next few months.I will use some waste yarn and stretch this out for a better picture before hibernation.

I’m also working along on the Trapeze and have finished Clue 2. Clue 3 released last night and had some beadwork which allowed me to swatch with the beads I’d ordered.To my surprise both shades of pink worked but I’ve decided to use the lighter ones so the Trapeze will be beaded. I’m being very conscientious about counting every other row on this piece. The Evenstar and the Yum both have stitch markers between pattern repeats which keep me on track.

Having said that, I have to state that I do have a design feature in the Yum. I discovered it last night. I was short 2 stitches in a repeat and couldn’t find my mistake. My guess is that during a sleep knitting session I made some extra double decreases. I decided that, if I couldn’t find the mistake, it was okay to leave it. I’ve worked  5 rows a day this week but may pick up the pace next week.

I wound yarn to cast on George the Giant Squid on Saturday. George will be my work-in-public project until I finish the Yum then he and another monster will become “main” projects.I’m knitting him from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Turtle Rodeo on size 5 US needles (probably).

The September Dream Club yarn came this week. I love it. The base stock is Dream in Color Baby and the colorway is a periwinkle-ish blue with grey. I looked at patterns once I had yarn in hand and decided that this yarn wants to be a Mithril. I also plan to make one of these vests from some handspun that I have on hand.

Till next time, no stash enhancement for me, no frogs, no tinks, just knits for all.


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