Shhh! knits sleeping

Okay the Yum is hibernating again–at least for the weekend. I feel compelled to finish the children’s hats I’m knitting so decided to focus on them for the weekend. I finished the Rosy Aviatrix

and have finished with the first Wolfpack Poppy

and started the second.

After seeing the completed Rosy, I almost changed yarns in favor of Millamia. This yarn knitted up into really nice fabric and is washable. It is sport weight so would require a bit longer to knit hats but the fabric is well worth it. Since I’d finished the Wolfpack Aviatrix and had started the Poppy, I decided to continue the hats in Berroco Vintage.I’m struggling with sizing.I started the first Poppy on size US size 9 needles in the largest pattern. I thought this was too large and didn’t like the fabric. So I dropped to size 8 US needles and the 17-inch size. It looks really small for a 4 year old. I’m now trying size  8 US needles and 20-inch size. It is possible that I may have to frog the Aviatrix and the smaller Poppy. Since these are not finished, the Yum will continue to hibernate until they’re finished.

I worked on the Trapeze over the weekend. I did think to take the swatch to the shop to determine once and for all the color of the yarn. It is most definitely pink and the red beads are a definite no. I plan to swatch again when the pink beads arrive and will swatch with both pinks and the “silver” to determine which beads to use.

I also am doing some secret knitting for a friend. Since I don’t want Debit’s help with it, I’m working on it at the shop and other places that are dog hair-less.

I spent Saturday at Gate City Yarns.While there, I decided that I really didn’t want to  buy the Smooshy in Cashmere It’s a Sparkler colorway for the sweater. I did decide  to order Christmas stocking kits for gifts. (Yarn for gifts is allowed.) The shop has a trunk show from Elegant Heirlooms which sells kits for stockings and they are a very economical and come with everything but the needles. They’re displayed in the shop window and we’re enjoying hearing the passerby comments about rushing the season.These will make great gifts–Christmas, wedding, new baby.If you see one you’d like to buy, call Gate City and they’ll order and ship to you if necessary. Usually shipping charges are whatever the postal service charges Gate City.The Googleheims are $40, the DooLallies are $32 and the Olde World Series are $72.

I also spent some time reviewing projects that I need to finish between now and Christmas. I’ve put due dates on them and will try to focus on one project at a time to get through the list. I’ll be working on the Evenstar the first seven afternoons of each month and will be working on the Trapeze an hour or two each day until it’s finished.

Till next time, no stash enhancement for me and no frogs, no tinks, just knits for all.


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