Old dog learns new trick

Who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick? Well they’re wrong or at least where this old dog is concerned they are. While discussing the Rockefeller KAL my Danville KTog knitting friend, D, who also participated in the KAL told me that she used German short rows and liked them better.German short rows don’t require the wrap or knitting the wrap and stitch together. I sometimes have trouble finding the wrapped stitch especially when working with fine yarn. When knitting toe-up socks, I don’t worry about them because they’re on the sole of the sock and no one inspects the bottom of my feet. Some knitters have hole problems,but I don’t usually have holes.  I’d long passed the short row part of the project but decided to check it out next time I did a project with short row shaping.

The Aviatrix hats use short row shaping so I decided to try it on the Rosy Aviatrix. I love this technique. I wasn’t happy with the appearance of the “work-together” on the Wolfpack Aviatrix. I had not holes but the work together was obvious. Not so on the Rosy Aviatrix when I used the German short rows. Also I find the working together of the wrap and stitch to be fiddly so that part is eliminated with the German.I was at Gate City Yarns today so had lots of work in public knitting time so am almost finished with Rosy.This progress was despite the fact that I visited the frogs. I dropped a stitch yesterday at lunch that I couldn’t repair so had to frog.

I also visited the frogs while working Rockefeller. I dropped a stitch in the i-cord border. This caused the border to shift a stitch which was very visible and on the front of the piece. It’s back on track now. I may focus on this piece and let the Blueberry Yum nap for a couple of days. I’m in get it done mode now.

I made a bit of progress on the Blueberry Yum today. The pattern here is Night at the Gruene but I’m calling mine Blueberry Yum because the yarn is yummy and the main colorway is Blueberry. The yarn here is Fiber Company Acadia and is a joy to work.

I selected yarn for the Mr Greenjeans knit along I’ll be hosting in October. Gate City Yarns is getting Classic Elite Yarns Majestic Tweed which is incredibly soft and the tweed will be a good choice for Mr Greenjeans.

Till next Time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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