Three’s the charm

Last post I discussed the fact that I had again twisted the stitches of the Blueberry Yum and that I would be frogging and trying one more time with feeling to cast on without twisting.Frog I did and actually started to cast on with two needles–the idea being to work 160 stitches on each needle then join the two pieces together. After giving that idea more thought I decided that was probably a train wreck waiting to happen. So I decided to change my cast on from cable to long tail and use the very longest size 6 US needle I had (40 inches). I cast on for the third time, switched to my US 5 Addi Clicks tips, laid the needle on my work table, straightened the stitches and ,holding the tips and “tip stitches” in a death grip,joined and worked round 1. After round 1 I checked for twisting and knit round 2 and checked again. I have now worked 10 rows with no twisting. I have switched to my lace tip needles even though they’re a bit too short because the double decrease is easier to work with lace tips.YAY!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!

Last night was our monthly visit to Rising Meadow Farm for the Uwharrie Spinners gathering. We had thunderstorms so I decided that taking Sunny (my Ashford Traveller) on a field trip was not a good idea. So I worked on my Rockefeller. The front pieces are going much slower than I thought they would but I still think I can finish by August 17. While I love my color selections, I do feel that two high contrast colors would have better shown the pattern. Since I’m sure that I’ll be working future WestKnits Mystery KALs, I will store that information for future reference.

I finished the Wolfpack Aviatrix hat using Berroco Vintage and size 7 and 9 US needles and in the 6 months size..

I cast on another Aviatrix using Millamia and size 2 and 3 US needles. This one aka Rosy Aviatrix is a shop sample so I’m making the 3 months size.I really like this yarn. It’s sport weight and very nice to work. It is washable which is a plus.

Debit and I stalked the postal carrier this afternoon. He delivered my HO bag. HO is a new knitting acronym to me. It stands for half finished object such as one sock or one mitt of a pair. Stockinette Zombies had these bags made up and, of course, I had to have a HO bag.I believe the bags have all been sold. Sorry.
Till next time, no frogs,no tinks, just knits.


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