Yarn Barf

Yarn barf…that globby tangled blob of yarn that happens when yarn cakes or balls collapse.I hate it and spent most of yesterday afternoon dealing with it. Both cakes that I’m using for my Rockefeller got barfy and then tangled together. This happened mid-cake. I had to break both yarns from the project and de-barf them and rewind them.This occurred because I had “floopies”–strands hanging from the bottom of the cakes when initially wound. I have these frequently and normally they’re not a major problem. This time they were from the beginning of the project. I’m not sure what causes “floopies.” I wound the new cakes more slowly and they are “floopy-less.” Hopefully I can finish without more barf.

Speaking of finishing,I’ve been looking at what’s up ahead. The Blueberry Yum (aka Night at the Gruene) has been hibernating and starting August 17 is the Trapeze KAL. Both of  these are lace projects and will need to be worked in the afternoons along with some simpler project for evening/night knitting. So I’ve decided to wake up the “Yum”. The Rockefeller which is pretty much in garter ridge mode now will be the evening/night knitting project. The hats that I’m making for my friend’s granddaughters are the work-in-public project.

On the Rockefeller, I’ve finished the i-cord bind-off. I’m about over i-cord bind off for a while. I’ve bound off about 1000 stitches using it in the last week. I’ve also picked up stitches for the right front and started knitting it. I hope to finish this project by August 17.


I also started an Aviatrix hat in Berroco Vintage using sizes 7 and 9 US needles. I’ve started the first earflap. I’m also working on this while I’m reading from the Kindle Cloud Reader. Once the Rockefeller is finished the hats will be the evening/night project until they’re finished. I also will be making an Aviatrix in Millamia for a shop sample.

I did wake up the Blueberry Yum this afternoon. I don’t think it was happy with being awake. I had again twisted the stitches at cast on so I frogged again.I plan to cast on 160 on two separate needles and work a couple of rows then join the two pieces. I can sew the two rows together with the yarn tails. Casting on 320 stitches on a 32 inch needle without twisting is difficult. Last time I used cable extender from Addi Click set and still twisted.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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