YAY!!! I’ve finished to projects. The Go Wolfpack Tweed Baby Blanket is finished with a bit of time to spare. I used Jared Flood’s Tweed Baby Blanket pattern in three colors. I used white as main color and red and black for contrast. I’m wishing that I’d used red for the main with white and black contrast. I used Berroco Comfort and size 9 US needles.

I also  finished the long-suffering  Elizabeth collar and bands.This sweater will be assembled Labor Day weekend along with the Augusta Cardigan. I started the Elizabeth mid-May and used Classic Elite Liberty Wool in the North Sea Whitecaps colorway and size 7 US needles. I’ve been slowly working on the bands since mid-June. They are 1×1 ribbing so I thought using this as a work-in-public project would be a good thing. However, I began to get very bored with this. I was at First Friday last night and decided when I got home that I could finish in a couple of hours so I did.

Now I can focus on the WestKnits Rockefeller KAL. I’m binding off clue 3 using an i-cord bind off and as you can see in the picture I’m about half finished. I will start clue 4 hopefully tomorrow evening.I found a small mistake (one that can’t be seen from the back of a galloping horse and therefore a design element) that was made while watching the games so I may live to regret using this for Olympic knitting,I do hope to finish this project by closing ceremony.

I need to make hats for granddaughters of a friend. These will be work in public knitting. My friend’s daughter just had a baby girl July 3, and she will receive an Aviatrix hat. The other two girls will be receiving Poppy hats. I didn’t make gifts for them when born so decided to make matching hats for all three in Berroco Vintage in red (go Wolfpack). I love the Aviatrix hat so didn’t have a problem with the baby hat and thought the middle child might like it also. I’d been looking for a tam pattern for the oldest child but this morning discovered the Poppy which matches the Aviatrix. I’ll be using Berroco Vintage in red.I’ve ordered “beanie buttons” from Tessa Ann Designs for all three.My friend and her family are NC State fans so the hats will be called Go Wolfpack Aviatrix and Go Wolfpack Poppy 1 and 2,

Once I finish Rockefeller, I’ll be resuming work on the Blueberry Yum. I’ll be starting the Trapeze KAL on August 17..

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just kntis.


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