What did I learn at SSK?

On Thursday I took Leslie Thompson‘s class on knitting backwards. This is not the same thing as tinking which is unknitting. This is basically a right-handed knitter knitting left handed so that, when working entrelac or pieces that are awkward to turn or swatching flat for pieces to be knit in the round, one doesn’t have to turn one’s work. One simply knits backwards or purls backwards when working garter ridge. A lot of knitters don’t like to purl and this gives them an alternative. I love to purl and purl faster than I knit which causes my purl gauge to be significantly looser. I have horizontal ladders on the wrong side of my stockinette stitch. When I knit in the round, I have trouble with gauge because I invariably swatch flat (yes, I know I’m supposed to swatch in the round). I usually have to use one size larger needle in the round than my flat gauge. I tried my first swatch knitting backwards today. Picture and more discussion below.

I also took a colorwork class with Kirsten Kapur. I love Kirsten’s designs and wanted to meet and take a class from her. I had taken a colorwork class previously and was familiar with some of the techniques she taught (two-handed colorwork and corrugated ribbing).

Sorry for the fuzzy picture–one day I’ll learn to take pictures. I had not worked a Latvian braid which I liked and may use  sometime to trim cuffs or hems.Here is a picture of my sample piece from Kirsten’s class. I will probably do some more work on this later.

I loved both my classes but would have loved to be in Rebecca Danger‘s class

Since last report I finished clue C of WendyKnits Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl.

I also worked on the Elizabeth Cardigan front bands.

I worked a couple of repeats on the Clemson Tweed Baby Blanket. It is too hot to hold in my lap so I’m working it on a table which is a bit uncomfortable so I’m trying to work one repeat a day


I also swatched for and cast on Night at the Gruene using Acadia from The Fibre Company. I swatched using the backwards knitting technique.

I did not use a size larger needle but am using a size 5 US needle.I’ll check gauge again after I’ve worked one pattern repeat and  hope I don’t have to frog. I also advise those who knit this piece to cast on with a needle longer than 32 inches. I had a hard time making sure that my stitches weren’t twisted when I joined. When the yarn first arrived at Gate City I wasn’t impressed with it but am most pleased with the fabric. The yarn is also easy to work.

Debit is still annoyed that I left her at doggie camp. She has chewed or tried to chew all kinds of things this week. This is what’s left of my reed hook. She also stuck her face in my knitting bag and helped herself to my breakfast.In her defense I’ve also been away from home a lot this week and it has been too hot for her to sit in my lap.

I hope that the weather everywhere cools down and that those who’ve been without power soon get it back.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

1 Response to “What did I learn at SSK?”

  1. 1 Robin July 8, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    I need to learn to knit backwards. The colorwork looks nice and I’m loving that shawl! It was101 here yesterday. Just toooo dang hot!

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