Passing on the love and comfort

I’ve been making prayer shawls/throws for five or six years now, I started out using the k3, p3 pattern using LionBrand Homespun yarn. The yarn was lightweight but didn’t hold up under multiple washings. I also wasn’t thrilled with the pattern so have been trying other patterns and settled on worsted weight acrylic or acrylic/wool blends that are machine washable and lightweight and soft. For guys I made up my own patterns and for the ladies I used a shawlette pattern (198 yards of heaven) that used worsted weight yarn. I really wasn’t happy with these but hadn’t really found a pattern that didn’t use too much yarn and would be appropriate size.

Yesterday I was in Ravelry looking at my queue and some patterns and saw this pattern. I queued it to use for prayer throws but didn’t really read the story. This morning one of my friends drew my attention to the story. I’ve decided that, as further tribute to Meghan Jones’ grandmother, this will now be the prayer shawl and throw of choice. I liked the idea of folding it for the ladies to wear as shawl. I’ll also use this for the graduates next year. If I had enough yarn, I’d make this year’s grads throws using it. In my opinion, the fact that Ms Jones designed the blanket to bring comfort and love to her grandmother makes it special. I’d like to pass that love and comfort to my shawl recipients.

Speaking of prayer throws, I’m moving right along on the Clemson Tweed Baby Blanket.This picture was through row 90 which is yesterday’s work. My goal for today was to knit to row 118 and I’m there but am hoping to finish through row 121. I’ve got a few more rows to go and hope I can stay awake long enough to knit them.I really hope to finish this before vacation.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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