Knit Stitch Purgatory

While writing an email this morning, I realized that, till at least the first of August, my queue was predominantly knit stitch–either garter stitch or plain vanilla socks–and my last few projects were pretty plain too.That’s not really a bad thing but is becoming boring and I’m beginning to feel like I’m in knit stitch purgatory. At least I can read while I knit. The reasons for all the knit stitch are two prayer throws and vacation.So I’ve decided to resume multi-task knitting for a bit (not that I ever really stopped). In past when I multi-task knit, I’d split my daily knitting time between projects. This time I think I’ll pick one day a week to work on a different more involved project. As I stated last post, I have to knit a lovie which will have some yarn overs and I’ll be participating in WendyKnits’ knitalong which will also be a lace piece. So for the time being, those will be the paradise pieces that will rescue me from knit stitch purgatory.

I also stated last post that I would cast on the Moving Mountains lovie today. I decided that I would work that project on Saturdays for the next couple of weeks. I should finish it up just in time to start the WendyKnits KAL probably on June 25 which is Monday.

I decided to finish the Aviatrix Hat. It’s worked in Liberty Wool Watercolor Rainbow on size US 4 and 6 needles. I’ve ordered buttons which haven’t arrived yet but “borrowed” a button which is similar for picture taking.This little hat knit up very quickly. I will make it again. I think it would be cuter in a different yarn but this was a special request. I did like the fact that the earflaps and chin strap were green so it looks kind of like a flower.

While working the chin strap, I found a video on youTube on how to purl backwards. I also looked at how to knit backwards. Purling backwards came in pretty handy here as strap was 5 stitches wide so I was constantly turning my work. Since it was garter stitch, I had to purl backwards and, even though I was a bit slow, liked the technique and will use it again.Some folks knit backwards to avoid purling but I prefer purling to knitting.Hmmm…maybe I can purl every row on some of these garter stitch pieces I’ve got coming up.

I continued working on the left front of the Elizabeth Cardigan. I’m reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while knitting this piece. The collar and front band of this sweater is 47 stitches wide and knit in 1×1 rib separately and then sewn on using mattress stitch. Since I need an on-the-go wait-knitting project. I’ll be casting on the neck band tonight.

I’m enjoying the Swift bag so far. It comes with a yarn bag which is really too small for anything other than a ball of yarn. It hooks to a ring in the bottom of the larger bag and is really nice way to keep dog/cat hair away from yarn. Of course they still get on the projects themselves since both animals like to sit in my lap or next to me in the recliner while I knit.

Guess I’d better go back to knit stitch purgatory.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks. just knits.


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