The Perfect Bag

All right I’ll admit it. Along with yarn and patterns, I’m a bag ho too. I think the bag “addiction” comes from a search for the perfect knitting bag. I’ve pretty much decided that for project bags the perfect bag is a drawstring cloth bag. I prefer them with no pockets and no interfacing (too stiff) and with string or cord drawstrings (no ribbon). My favorites come from Jennie Gee and Slipped Stitch Studios. The Jennie Gee bags are muslin bags with screen prints in several sizes. I like them because they “drape” around the projects and don’t take much space. Slip Stitch has lots of interesting fabrics and aren’t too stiff but her large sweater size bags have handles and pockets which I really do not like.I do love her medium and small bags. Next time I get a large bag I’m going to request no handle and no pockets.

My problem is that I’m still trying to find the perfect big bag. You know, the one that you can put everything in, the one that can accommodate the stitch markers,tapestry needles, cable needle,tape measure, scissors, sticky notes, pen, notebook, highlighter tape, scales, camera, flash drive, SD reader, Kindle, project bag with project,several folding shopping bags (in case I need to buy yarn),folding backpack and a small purse with wallet, checkbook, phone and keys. I’ve tried several Namaste Bags. All of which had some feature that I didn’t like and  couldn’t live with. Either the bag had a center zipper pocket or wasn’t big enough or weighed too much or the handles were too thick and too short to carry on my shoulder. The Hermosa was pretty close but was a bit heavy and the straps slipped off my shoulder. I also had a Nantucket Bagg which was also close but its pockets were in the bag bottom and too small so I had to have small zipper bags.

So when I read about the Swift, I knew I had to have one. I mean what can be more perfect than a knitting bag designed by knitters. I ordered one to take on my trip in a few weeks. (Every knitter knows you have to have a new bag to carry on knitting vacations–right.) It arrived yesterday.  I did a purge of some things that I don’t need (not sure why I carry 6 cable needles when 1 will do), stowed the 4 folding Baggu bags and the backpack in my car and will be able to retire the Knit Happy tool “roll.” I will have one zipper pouch for all the electronic stuff but my tool “box” will fit in clear zipper pocket near the top of the bag. Right now I’d have to say I think it’s my favorite so far. It’s lightweight enough that I can almost use it as a purse but I’m going to continue to use a small purse. Of course, today is only the first day. I figure the “honeymoon” will be over sometime around my birthday in August (another excuse to buy a bag).

On the project front today, I did a bit of wait knitting on the Aviatrix Hat. I also worked about 12 rows on the Elizabeth. I folded it at the shoulder so that the picture gives an idea of what the sleeve and right front look like. I should finish the right front tomorrow and start the “back”. I’ll bind of the front and just work the back stitches for 6 inches then cast on stitches for left front.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

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