One of the knitters commented this afternoon that NC blueberries would be early and a bumper crop this year. Last year during blueberry season I attended a dinner party where a berry crumble was served for dessert. One of the other guests noted that I was separating the blueberries and not eating them. He asked if I had anything against blueberries. I replied that I didn’t eat them. I later confessed that the reason I didn’t eat them was because they’re blue. This afternoon I decided that I really wasn’t being fair to blueberries, and, when presented with them in a salad at dinner, I tried one. It was pretty good so I tried another one and it was good too. I ate all the blueberries before I ate the strawberries even. Important point because I tend to eat foods in order of preference. All the blueberries were good. I had been unfairly discriminating against blueberries and didn’t get to know them due to the way they look. After I ate them and got to know them, I found that I really liked them.

Now what does this have to do with knitting? A couple of things…I caved today. Yep, I bought yarn. I fell in love with another piece and just had to buy the yarn to make it. The piece is Night at Gruene. This piece is similar to Catkin which is one of my favorite pieces.  I bought Acadia for this project. When Acadia first arrived at Gate City Yarns several months ago, other staff members really liked and were excited about this yarn. They thought I would be also because the fiber content is one that I prefer. I felt and looked at the yarn and was kinf of “meh” on it. It was okay but I just wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it. Each week while working or visiting, I’d look at and feel the yarn. As I got to know the yarn, I began to like it. Just like the blueberries, I hadn’t given the yarn a chance and had discriminated when I didn’t really know the yarn And the colorway that I picked for the main color of my piece…Blueberry with Lupine for the contrast.I want to make this piece this year so using a random number generator I placed in 4th in my queue.

As with berries and yarn,the same goes for other things in life…especially people. We shouldn’t discriminate against folks we don’t know who are different because they might be good people that we can enjoy and have fun with.

Also by purchasing the Blueberry colorway, I rescued one of my co-workers who had been resisting taking that color home. Sometimes I like a yarn and color but don’t have a project for it and soI’m thankful when we sell it because I don’t have to worry about it landing in my stash. I’m hoping that my co-worker will be also.

I made some progress on the breaker this afternoon. Sitting and talking with other knitters makes it seem to knit faster. I worked about 4 rows.

I have a weaving project that I need to warp this week so spent some time this afternoon finishing another projeoct and deciding which reed to use for the new project.

I’m now fighting off sleepknitting and working on the sleeve to Elizabeth.Hopefully I can work a bit more before I fall asleep.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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