It’s all Norah Gaughan’s fault

This morning I received my Knitbits email from Berroco. They had a free pattern I wanted a year or so ago and you had to register for Knitbits to get the freebie. I usually just delete them and don’t look. This morning, something made me look at the pictures. The book they were advertising was Geometry by Norah Gaughan which has geometric designs using Berroco Linsey. The pattern pictured was Gauss which I loved. So I thought I’d check to see if Gate City Yarns had or could get the book. I knew we had the yarn.

When I arrived at the shop, I gathered my pattern and yarn for a Classic Elite knitalong I’m hosting on Sundays and checked on the Norah Gaughan book. I didn’t see it in the book rack and breathed a sigh of relief but still planned to write it down in the special order book. A customer came in later and I was helping her with yarn selection and there it was!  On a stool right next to the Linsey…uh oh! Not only did I love Gauss but I loved Severi also. I felt that I could only buy yarn for one project right now so compared yarn quantities on the two and chose Severi because it used less yarn . So along with the KAL yarn I bought myself a semi-retirement gift (today was my last Friday at the yarn shop). I also pulled out the random number generator app and placed it at number 8 in my queue. So $@&* Norah Gaughan and $@&* Berroco and $@&* Tina. The three of you melted my resolve today. I may never own a Tom Bihn Swift.

I was able to finish  22 rows on the baseball buttons on day 3 before sleep knitting kicked in. On day 4 I’ve mostly been sleep knitting so far and have only worked about 7 rows. Maybe I’ll get back on track on day 5. I suspect I’ll finish it up on day 8.

I still haven’t found the missing button but I will be sewing buttons on the Hey Diddle Buttons and the other baby surprise jacket for delivery soon. Both babies–girls–arrived this week. So pictures of them will be in the next post.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

1 Response to “It’s all Norah Gaughan’s fault”

  1. 1 Robin April 14, 2012 at 3:04 am

    You knit like the wind! Too funny about your new projects. Take heart – the Tom Bihn bag is nice and I want one, too, but I think it’s kind of small for all the stuff I carry.

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