When I began this quest, my plan was to work through my queue–period. I didn’t plan on charity knitting but then decided that I missed charity knitting and needed to add it back into the mix. I have in past worked charity projects 2 hours per day so decided to work a queued project and a charity project at the same time. I also hadn’t planned to multi-task knit which is exactly what’s happening now.I had found that multi-task knitting was a bit “stressful” in that I felt that I never finished anything. One look at my kitchen table full of finished objects awaiting blocking would prove that a lie.

Today a co-worker whose wife is pregnant and whose baby is to receive a baby surprise jacket announced that his last day at work is April 13. I haven’t cast on his baby’s jacket. YIKES!!! Now I have no doubt that I can finish the jacket by April 13 but I ‘m feeling stressed. Knitting should never be stressful!!!! What’s stressing me isn’t so much the deadline but having multiple projects going which seem to be taking forever to finish So I’ve decided to alter my plan a bit.

Instead of working on charity projects every day, I’ll work them as needed and will work them in with the queued projects. I will keep track of charity knitting time and set a goal of 750 charity hours per year. To date I’ve worked 188 charity hours.

I will focus for the next few days on working the  baby surprise jacket. The Eyelet Cardi will hibernate for a few days. Once the two baby sweaters are done. Then I’ll finish the eyelet cardi. The Buttons cardigan will be next in the queue.

I’ll still have a work-in-public project from time to time. I may use a charity project for that or finish up a simpler project. I know that lace projects will also require an evening project as I’ve learned to work them in the afternoon when I’m not trying to sleep knit.

I finished the first baby surprise jacket this afternoon. I was a bit concerned that it would be too large but after checking standard measurements. It sized at about a 6 months which is what I wanted.

I resumed working on the second baby surprise jacket. I’d worked a few rows one Sunday when I left my project bag at home and was at the yarn shop. I had hoped to finish 20 rows but I’ve been sleep knitting for the last hour or so. I’m using Liberty Wool in Watercolor Rainbow for this sweater also. This yarn is interesting in that you can’t predict or control how the striping will turn out. The balls are all different even though the same lot number.

I hope to work 20 rows a day and finish this project in 5 days. I’m not working at the yarn shop this weekend so hopefully will have a bit of extra knitting time.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.




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