Augusta Revisited, Day 16 and 17

On day 16, I reached my goal of 3 pattern repeats on sleeve 2. I also had that goal on day 17 but had an extremely busy day with not much “me project” knitting time. I finished about 1.5 pattern repeats. Since Thursday (day 18) is my stay-at-home afternoon/evening, I should be able to finish sleeve 2 on day 18. I also plan to blow the dust off my weaving project and start weaving again. I have not done any weaving since November.


I was able to work 16 rows of South Park Throw 2. I have 7 more rows of pattern and the garter ridge border to knit. I’m ready to more on to another charity project.  I need to find another yarn for men’s prayer throws as I’m not feeling the love for Jarbo Duo. I selected it for these projects because I needed to finish the throws quickly and needed bulky yarn. Plymouth Encore or Berr0co Vintage would have cost about the same amount and I think I’d enjoy working with these yarns more. Gate City Yarns has Vintage Colors in all colorways which would be great for throws. I don’t have to make that selection at the moment because I have 3 charity projects for ladies to entertain me for a bit.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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