Destination Acer, Days 9 and 10

Sometimes life gets in the way. That’s good though because life should be more important than my fiber addictions. Since the first of  December, spinning and weaving have for the most part fallen by the wayside. I did spin a bit last week. Sunny, my wheel, groaned loudly from her disuse so I fed her some oil and am gradually calming her down. Finally the holidays are over and all gifts delivered and visits complete. Now I can get to the business at hand. And after work Acer day 11 will be a pajama day.

Someone  commented about how fast I’m finishing sweaters. My reply is that’s all I do. I don’t cook, clean just enough to get by, feed my animals, work enough to get by, and knit, spin and weave.

Day 9 was pretty much a non-knitting day. I did finish 10 rows of Acer and enjoyed some quality time with my fiber friends at Rising Meadow Farm.

Day 10 finds me almost finished with body of Acer. I have one more row to knit before the bottom garter ridge band. I hope to knit the one row before I go to sleep. Lest I fall victim to sleep knitting I decided to blog first.

I also worked 4 rows of Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL. This pattern is pretty involved so it’s a slow knit. The socks will be beautiful when finished. I wish I could share a picture.

I’m also considering changing some yarns and projects in the queue. I queued Providence Hoodie and bought Berroco Ultra Alpaca for this project.  I was looking at the pattern to determine how many buttons I need and realized this pattern has a boatload of seed stitch. I like the way seed stitch looks but don’t like to work it. So wuss that I am, I’m considering designing an assembly-required plain crew neck cardigan with set-in sleeves. I have Aslantrends Artesanal kitted with a pattern that will be better suited for the Ultra Alpaca and the Artesanal will make a good simple cardigan.

Detour (to the frogpond this time)

I started the lace edging of this piece on Day 8. Today I worked rows 3, 4 and half of row 5 twice. I made a mistake on row 1 but was able to fix it from row 2. I tried to redesign the piece at the center stitch by not looking and the chart which I thought I’d memorized.  I’m back on track now and hopefully will finish this project tomorrow.

Till next time, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


1 Response to “Destination Acer, Days 9 and 10”

  1. 1 Denise January 14, 2012 at 2:03 am

    very good looking dress there huh. 🙂

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