Double Double Dressin’ Trouble

Yes I weave.  I have a 32-inch Ashford Rigid Heddle loom and stand.  Recently I bought a second heddle kit and had my friend, Carl from Gate City Yarns, install it.  I brought the loom home and read the warping/dressing instructions that Ashford enclosed with the kit.  I read them twice and set about warping and dressing the loom.   For some reason I can’t get it through my head that weaving a practice piece is okay.  So I warped 352 ends (20 ends per inch) so that I could weave a towel.  Since the warping/dressing process requires pulling the ends through two reeds, I decided to spread this out over several days (about a week).  When I finished, I lowered the reeds into position to weave and realized that something was wrong.  I had no shed.  No way could I pass the weft thread through the warp.

So I consulted THE ASHFORD BOOK OF RIGID HEDDLE WEAVING by Rowena Hart.  She dressed in a different sequence.  So I watched a video on YouTube.  The video showed dressing the same way I’d done and the videographer was inexperienced so I became seasick watching.  I had become undressing the loom at this point and was totally confused so contacted my weaving instructor for reference material.  She said to do as Ms Hart instructed and referred me to an article in HANDWOVEN  by Jane Patrick.  When I returned home later in the day, I re-read Ms Hart’s instruction.  I also noticed that the kit instructions referenced another book I had, Betty Davenport’s HANDS ON book.  Also, on closer reading of the kit instructions, I realized that I’d mis-read them.  They actually were the same as those given by Ms Hart and Ms Davenport.

I finished undressing and re-dressed.  I’ve been weaving right along and here’s a picture of the piece so far.

I learned several things from this weaving adventure

  1. weaving a practice piece is okay.  Next time I experiment I’ll make a smaller (narrower) warp
  2. using 2 colors would have made this easier the first time
  3. when, in doubt, go with folks who are well-known writers

While I was waiting to start my double weave adventure, I warped my inkle loom for the first time.  For this I used a video available from Schacht Spindle.  Jane Patrick is the instructor.  I had no trouble understanding her instruction.  Here’s the inkle piece.

On the needles–Lilac Leaf stole, child’s hat, Noro sock  and Helena.  Mythos and prayer shawl are hibernating at the moment

On the wheel–Cocoa the corriedale

To all grace and peace and to my knitting friends, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.

1 Response to “Double Double Dressin’ Trouble”

  1. 1 Robin August 5, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    Great projects! I regret selling my looms. Had a 27″ Harrisville and a 60″ LeClerc Nilus. Loved the LeClerc! Not so much the Harrisville – the leather suspended harnesses would never stay straight and the beater bar was warped. Hardly ever used my Inkle Loom. Can’t wait to see these weaving projects finished!!!

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