Rarely do I decide that I don’t like a project while on the needles or that it’s too difficult. Once I start a project, normally I will finish the knitting. It may lay around for 3 or 4 years waiting for assembly but the knitting part’s done.   So last week when I had a meltdown, it was a new experience.

The meltdown occurred Thursday afternoon while I was knitting my Honeybee Stole designed by Anne Hanson. I was almost to the half way point. Now I love Anne’s designs but am no fan of purl decreases or two-sided lace. Even though this pattern had both, I love the stole and decided to knit it. Along the way, I’d made quite a few mistakes that either didn’t matter or that I was able to fix. I’d reached a point that every time I picked up the project I found a mistake I’d made the previous night. The remedy was to work this project in the afternoon…or so I thought.

The meltdown began when I discovered dropped stitches that I lost while making purl decrease. First I tried to repair the stitches but failed. I then decided to frog back to the beginning of the section–about 10 rows. That’s when it happened. I was using Malabrigo lace yarn and the yarn kept hanging in the picot stitches on the edging. This caused the yarn to break which added to my frustration.  I realized that knitting should be fun, that I shouldn’t stress over any project as I had over this one and that, even though I was almost halfway finished, I should re-purpose the remaining yarn and frog (if possible) the project.  Here’s what the shawl looked like at meltdown.

I re-purposed the remaining yarn and cast-on the Lilac Leaf Stole from Knitted Lace of Estonia.  Here’s a picture of that.

I don’t know why I melted down–maybe it was just my week to visit the frog pond.  I’d frogged and re-started two other projects because I didn’t have enough yarn and one because I didn’t like the fabric and changed needle size.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to knit two-sided lace or maybe it was the construction workers hammering next door.   Whatever the reason I have to knit on remembering that my knitting goals should be to express myself and  to have fun and not to stress but to de-stress.

The experience did lead me to discover knitting Haapsalu style in which I’ve become very interested.   Of course, I haven’t made my first nupps which may lead to another meltdown.    Most Estonian lace knitting is one-sided which means I get to knit or purl on the wrong side.  A friend stated that she considered the knit/purl back her reward for completing the lace row.  I think I’ll follow her lead.

Thanks for listening to my knitting whine.  I did have some knitting successes last week.

On the needles–lilac leaf stole, prayer throw, plain vanilla Noro socks, charity kid’s hat.

On the loom–a towel using second heddle 20 ends per inch.

On the wheel–corriedale (Cocoa).  Most of Cocoa has gone to Oklahoma to the carding mill.

Grace and peace to all and to my knitting friends, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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