Shearing day in the snow

I live in an area which doesn’t have snow very often. When we do, we don’t know how to drive on it. Before the first flake falls, one of our favorite things to do is dash out and buy groceries–milk and bread in case we lose power. This winter has been unusual in that we’ve had two snows of 6 inches plus and several smaller ones and an ice storm. The ice storm caused power outages for 50% of my county. These snows seem to come on the weekends which is good because I can stay in and knit. After 3 weekends of this, I’m ready for this to cease. Please bring on the spring.

This last weekend I ventured over to Rising Meadow Farm for shearing day. Here is a picture of Kevin who is a blade shearer (no electricity). You will notice the snow in the background.
One of the things we do while there is skirt fleeces. This process removes any stuff that you wouldn’t want to buy from the fleeces. Here are a couple of fiber friends skirting.During the skirting, we ooh and aah over the fleeces which we call by the sheep’s name. I’m not sure who’s being skirted here. Rising Meadow has Corriedale, Dorset and Navajo Churro. This fleece is Corriedale. I bought Cocoa’s fleece which is much lighter than the fleece shown. She’s red which is really a champagne-y color–almost white. I hope to spin her fleece to make Jelly Bean a sweater.
Here’s a picture of the Sailor Rib Sweaters that I knitted for Christmas gifts being modeled by twin recipients.Sorry for the blurry.

I’ve finished up some projects since last post.  Due to our lovely weather, I haven’t photo-ed them yet.  So when I do, I’ll do a photo blog.  Finished are Multnomah, baby surprise jacket, Nebula socks and Colonnade shawl.

On the needles are a gull lace throw, my Oregon Cardi awakened from a long nap, hooded cardi vest from Vogue winter, Wendy Johnson’s Swan Song socks, and double bean baby hoodie (my design).  The Oregon Cardi is moving along nicely.  I can only work about 4 rows a day.  Since this is knit with fingering weight yarn on size 3 needles and is stranded, this may have to take another nap during the warm months.  Holding a lap-full of shetland wool “doubled” during summer is too hot even with air conditioning.  I’ll also photo some of these items.

On my loom is a shawl using 3/2 perle cotton and 5/1 lace (barley corn) pattern.  I’m spinning some alpaca.

To all grace and peace and to my knitting friends, no frogs, no tinks, just knits.


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