Looks like it worked…

The last several weeks I’ve focused on knitting one main project at a time in an effort to de-stress my knitting time. I blogged about this earlier. I felt like nothing was getting finished. I still have a gift project, the Oregon cardigan and a small on-the-go project that I’m working. It worked. Knitting time is much more enjoyable. If I sleep knit, so what, tomorrow is another day.

I finished Randy’s prayer/power throw (sorry no picture) and four pencil pouches.
Now I’m focused on my Daily Sweater. This is in Cascade Pima Melange. The goal is to finish the body before I leave for Spring Fling.

I assembled a baby sweater from Plymouth’s Cotton Kisses kit. I like the pattern but the yarn is splitty. The second Cotton Kisses sweater is off the needles but probably won’t assemble until after Fling.

I’ve finished the first chart of the Oregon Cardigan. I will probably increase the amount of time that I work on this as it is going much slower than I’d hoped.

On-the-go, I’m working on wendyknits St Louis Socks in Claudia Handpainted Shells on the Beach.  I’ve made a bit of progress as I’m now working it on knit nights.

I also cast on a “plain vanilla” toe-up in Lana Grassa self-patterning yarn.   This was mainly to break the tedium of knitting 2.5 inches of 1×1 ribbing around the gazillion stitches of the Daily Sweater body.

Another reason for changing my knitting strategy was to allow more time for other fiber arts such as spinning and weaving.  I’ve finished spinning and plying the corriedale-mohair that I bought at Gate City Yarns (see picture) and am now spinning some 50/50 kid mohair and border leicester roving that I bought last year at the Sedalia Festival from Kid Hollow Farm.  The finished yarn will be used probably to make a shawl (maybe).

Since starting this post, I’ve completed the ribbing on the Daily Sweater and tried it on.  I love the way it fits.  It’s now hibernating until after Fling.

To my knitting friends, happy knitting and to all grace and peace…


4 Responses to “Looks like it worked…”

  1. 1 deknits April 21, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    I love those St. Louis socks! It’s almost time to go back… 🙂

  2. 3 Monica April 22, 2009 at 4:22 am

    Have fun at the Fling. All your knitting and spinning is gorgeous. I really like the handspun.

  3. 4 Robin April 28, 2009 at 3:36 am

    The little knitted bags are so cute!! I need to get busy on my Cotton Kiss sweater. What size did you do??

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