A trip to the farm

Tuesday night I watched the Westminster Kennel Club dog show while working on my Daily Sweater.  Since I’m working the stockinette body, the sweater’s appearance hasn’t changed much.

I rewound yarn that Izzy collapsed in hopes that I can use it to weave shawl.  My triangle loom arrived Friday and Saturdays will be weaving days.  I wove a scarf using some yarn I’d bought on eBay (I believe the seller was Life is an expedition).  I learned a couple of things that will be corrected on the next one.

Saturday I went to  the shearing day at Rising Meadows farm with my fiber friend Beth.  This was a fun experience and below are pictures of the trip.  The shearer seemed to be between sheep every time I was in the shearing “shed” so don’t have any pictures of that process–just pictures of sheep, sheep, sheep…

I bought some Navajo Churro roving.  As usual Debit closely inspected me and the roving when I arrived back home.

Friday I realized that one of the baristas at Jazzee Java is pregnant and due any time (she’s been wearing coats so this wasn’t obvious).  So Sunday I sewed buttons on the February baby sweater, made booties from pattern in Last Minute Gifts book (angora booties) and “designed” a hat made using gull lace and pi shaping.  When I was posing the items for this picture, Debit snatched a bootie so now it’s got dog hair all over it.  Bad dog!

On the go this week, I’m working on my Snow on Cedars mitt.  They need to be finished by 2/28 so I will have to work them more often (or else hurry up and finish Daily Sweater).  I suspect that I’ll try to finish Daily Sweater this week and then work mitts next week.

Happy knitting to my knitting friends and grace and peace to all.


4 Responses to “A trip to the farm”

  1. 1 Monica February 17, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Everything is lovely. Yay for weaving, I want a loom now too… and a spinning wheel and…….

    Great pictures of the sheep I love the babies

  2. 2 Abby Baker February 24, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    I saw your response with blog link on Wendy’s blog and wanted to let you know I love the baby lambs! My dad raised sheep – one of my greatest joys growing up was bottle feeding baby lambs…baby lambs are the very sweetest animal of all…and those eyelashes! 🙂
    The baby set is adorable. I just finished knitting four hat and bootie sets (no sweaters) and am ready for other knitting – like for myself – for a change but, the baby sets are always cute…yours is beautiful.
    Just thought it might brighten your day to know someone enjoyed your blog.

    • 3 katzendog February 25, 2009 at 12:08 am

      Thanks Abby. It did make my day. I love to knit baby things as they knit quickly. I’m hoping to start making a pair of socks for me this week–probably Wendy’s St Louis Socks. Mitts are almost done. Yay!

  3. 4 fireflynights March 6, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    You’re doing well with your weaving and the shearing day looks like a lot of fun. I need to find something like that around here to go to.

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