On the go

The last weekend of April I traveled to The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling.   I did some knitting but had no FOs. 

I had a great time with knitting friends old and new,

attended classes led by wonderful designer/teachers

and finally was given a new knitting identity to use on Ravelry and other places that require user names.  I’m now southparknitter because all my knitting friends called me “Timmeh!” like Timmy on South Park.

Last weekend on Sunday I ventured over to Rising Meadows Farm and the Goat Lady Dairy for open farm.  I didn’t get out of the car at Goat Lady Farm as I had inappropriate footwear for the hike from the parking lot and frankly the cheese would need to be exquisite for me to walk that far to get it.  I do however and will walk for fiber or yarn.

At Rising Meadows I purchased Cocoa’s fleece (moorit corriedale)

and some roving made from the wool of Josie and Arianna who are Navajo Churros.   My plan is to spin and dye (?) Cocoa to knit a sweater.

I finally finished my Daily Sweater.  This sweater is from MASON DIXON’S OUTSIDE THE LINES book and knit is Cascade Pima Melange.

Also finished is sock 1 of my St Louis Socks.   I’m also working a pair of plain vanilla socks, 2 baby sweaters (one in assembly stage), Oregon cardigan which will be hibernating for the summer for fear that sweaty hands will cause felting and a Comfort Shawl for prayer shawl.

One of the things that happens when I go on retreats is that I come home inspired and ready to cast on new types of projects.  This time it was lace.  I’ve been “chomping at the bit” for two weeks wanting to cast on Knitspot’s Whispering Pines in Malabrigo Lace Emerald.  My new rules require that I finish the St Louis socks before I cast on but rules are made to be broken–right?  So last night I could wait no longer and I cast on and knitted a few rows.  Hopefully that will satisfy me until sock 2 is done.

Due to technical difficulties (no internet at home for several days), posting of this blog was delayed.  I’ve completed several items and have my new loom.  Pictures to follow soon (I hope).

Grace and peace to all and happy knitting to my knitting friends.

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Just (k)nits bound off 2014

Maggie the Mama Owl 1
Fractional Fish
Maggie the Mama Owl 2
Maggie the Mama Owl 3
Little Luchador
Basic Biscuit Body
Maggie the Mama Owl 4
Not-big Guinea Pig
Maggie the Mama Owl 5
Half-sized Hippo
Pithy Platypus
12 Stripes of Christmas socks
Undersized Unicorn
Mr Bluejeans (sweater 1)
Basic Stitchy Body
Dinky Doggy
Basic Peanut Body
Bantam Bunny
Lil Love Slug
Backpack buddy 1
Bitty Bee
Maggie the Mama Owl #6
Bitsy Bot
Cutie Cactus
Maggie the Mama Owl #7
Cutie Cactus
Junior Jackalope
Itty Bitty Batty
Maggie the Mama Owl #8
Basic Bowling Pin Body
Small-Peanuts Elephant
Cutie Cactus 2
Flyspeck Fox
Camo Coon
Backpack buddy 2
Maggie the Mama Owl #9
Compact Cat in PJs
Meager Mouse
Small Squirrel
Micro Monkey
Maggie the Mama Owl #10
Russian Socks
Backpack Buddy 3
Maggie the Mama Owl #11
Jailbait Cardigan
South Park LIndsay
TTL Mystery Shawl KAL 2014
Backpack Buddies 30 in all
Gothic Lace Cowl
Zuzu's Petals in Tangiers
Zuzu's Petals in Rios
Shaken or Stirred
Luna the Unicorn
Bertie B the Owl Puff
Sidewalk Socks
February Lady Sweater
WendyKnits Summer Mystery Shawl 2014
Not quite to Tennesee socks
Purple leftover mitts
Abby's Leftover Mitts
Mystik Spiral Socks
Leftover Turkey
Southpark Luv4Muv
Teeter Totter Reindeer
Ellen Cardigan

Just (k)nits for others

Fish Hat (Dead or Alive?) on US size 6 needles using Another Crafty Girl Merino Worsted and other yarns.

Just (k)nits in the zone

Exploration Station on US size 5 needles in Dream in Color Everlasting Sock in Tart. Damp Pillow, Deep Regret and Elysian

Just sleep(k)nits to go

Kirsten Kapur's Fingerless mitts recipe on US size 4 needles in Malabrigo Silky Merino in Teal Feathers
South Park Luv4muv on US size 7 needles in Quince & Co Lark Chanterelle colorway
Christmas Socks on US size 1 needles in Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso Zombody's been kissing Santa Claus

Just (k)nits casting on


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